Gillams & Jones provides a multitude of professional services to help you with the details of running your business. When you take advantage of our services, you have the freedom to spend your valuable time focusing on matters of real importance to further your business goals. We provide turnkey bookkeeping, accounting and administrative support, and ensure that your taxes are prepared by qualified professionals. You pay only for the services you need, when you need them. We can help you set up your new business, put your books, taxes, and Quickbooks files in order, and even assist with that important PowerPoint presentation.

So, when you need help, call the experts - Gillams & Jones! Let us assist you in managing your financial and administrative needs, while you concentrate on making your business thrive.

Mission Statement

Gillams & Jones is committed to supporting the accounting and administrative needs of small businesses, so they can concentrate on providing services to their customers. We provide a unique combination of competitively priced professional business services tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our scalable structure provides personalized services to our clients according to their unique organizational make up. As the business grows, we will enhance our services to meet any expanding needs that arise.

Our Purpose: To provide accounting/bookkeeping, and administrative support to small businesses as they endeavor to succeed and prosper in their chosen field. We help manage the financial component of the business, so new business entrepreneurs have the freedom to dedicate their time and energy to what matters most growing their business!

Our Business: Professional services in accounting/bookkeeping and office administration.

Our Values: Our highest aim is to provide quality customer service. Our professional staff members are efficient, honest, trustworthy, and serve with the utmost integrity.


We are small business experts

Gillams & Jones was established in 1999 to provide professional business services to small businesses as they endeavor to reach their optimal potential. In six short years, we have grown from a pioneering sole proprietorship to a full fledged corporation with a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals ready and eager to serve your business needs.

Our staff members have started and successfully run small businesses of their own. Unlike many other firms, we understand what it is like to balance the challenges of building a successful business with the day to day management of financial services and business offices.
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Jane S. Lockett, CEO and Managing Partner

Jane Lockett is the Managing Partner of Gillams & Jones, A Management Company, Inc. and President/CEO of Steven & Stephens, Inc..

Lockett realized her vision to launch Gillams & Jones management services in 1999. She saw the demand for small businesses to outsource their finance and accounting operations to enable them to grow and remain competitive without adding significantly to their overhead. She has compiled a team of professionals specializing in areas of accounting, auditing, and tax and management advisory services to provide the proper diversification of services.

Lockett accepted the position of Corporate Controller for Budget Rent-A-Car, a top rated rental car franchise at a time when the company had a negative profit margin due to unnecessary personnel and operations expenses. She implemented new guidelines to streamline the workload and downsize an exorbitant accounting department. These new guidelines allowed the organization to maximize the performance of their staff while reducing costs, resulting in a dramatic profit gain. Through her hard work, the faltering company was transformed into a profitable venture.

In 1994 Ms. Lockett was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Initial Public Offering of Team Rental Group. She ultimately held the position of Corporate Controller of the western region and was transferred to the regional office where she introduced new procedures and cost analysis, resulting in a $1,500,000 turnaround in annual bottom-line profits. Lockett held this position until she agreed to serve as the Vice President/Chief Financial Officer at another subsidiary in January 1998.

Lockett earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from San Diego State University with a minor in Business Management. She possesses extensive knowledge of all facets of accounting and financial management including hands-on and in-depth work performed earlier in her career at a public accounting firm.

Ms. Lockett has been featured in several prestigious publications such as Fortune, Small Business, Real Woman, Inc., Woman's Day, and Entrepreneur, Inc.


We are here to help small business clients. Some of our satisfied customers share their experience with Gillams & Jones.

I used the services of Gillams & Jones in November of 2004. With a sales meeting fast approaching, I was in need of a dynamic PowerPoint presentation that was meant to both inform and entertain a seasoned sales team. Utilizing some rough notes and working by telephone, Gillams & Jones put together a presentation that truly exceeded my expectations. Not only was this accomplished on time and under budget, they utilized a web service that allowed me to download the final version without having to wait for a hard copy on disc. Very impressive work from start to finish!

Kelly O.
Regional Manager
Viva International
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Responsiveness and professionalism are the hallmarks of Gillams & Jones. Their management support services let me focus more time on serving clients and growing my business. Knowing that all the administrative details were handled and handled well, gave me peace of mind. I highly recommend them!

Jeff Z.
Executive Performance Consultants

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Gillams & Jones is my answer how do umbrella companies work, everything administrative and financial for my business. From maintaining accurate records to managing every detail of my correspondence; they have helped me with this and so much more! Their services make it possible for me to spend my time doing my best work!

Our Services

Your complete resource for Financial Management Services

Our comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services, often provide small businesses with the option of eliminating the need and cost of building and maintaining an accounting department. Gillams & Jones provides timely, efficient, and accurate accounting records and financial statements the right business decisions are made based on accurate and up to date information. Our services help small businesses increase their productivity and enhance their professional image, while reducing their overhead costs. Our services include:
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Bookkeeping: Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual services, depending on your needs. With monthly services, we reconcile your bank statement, track your accounts payable and receivable, and produce financial reports so you know how your business is progressing. We can also create your invoices or perform other services. Bookkeeping services are also available for businesses that want just a quarterly review or an annual check-up in advance of tax filings.

simplex accountants We reconcile your general ledger, track accounts payable, and perform billing and collection functions for your accounts receivable. We also produce the reports you need to understand your business.

Payroll Services and Reports: We ensure the complete accuracy of your payroll for your employees, as well as the state and federal authorities. We administer payroll, direct deposits, payroll taxes, and year-end tax documents. Payroll reports make it easy to understand your payroll costs. We are Quickbooks Professionals

A key component to success in business is effective and efficient financial management. Monitoring your cash flow is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the success of your business. We support Quickbooks, the leading accounting package for small businesses. QuickBooks simplifies financial management systems which helps businesses run efficiently and profitably. With QuickBooks you can:
• Streamline your day to day business responsibilities
• Pay your bills, print your checks and monitor your expenses
• Invoice your customers and track their payment history
• Access important financial information quickly
Gillams & Jones will help set up your company in Quickbooks and teach you how to use it to monitor your business activities. We can also help you update your Quickbooks files if your business responsibilities hinder your ability to maintain them. In addition, we can access and maintain your Quickbooks files remotely from our offices through our unique server system, if you so desire. Our state-of-the-art security system will protect the confidentiality of your financial information. Our support can be ongoing or intermittent; whichever best meets the needs of your growing business. Tax Preparation Services

We can ensure that your federal and state taxes are prepared accurately and professionally. We will help you structure your business accounts to minimize ongoing tax obligations. We can also help you prepare for an IRS audit - even if we did not previously work with you on your taxes, accounting, or bookkeeping. Our extensive knowledge of tax preparation processes will all but eliminate your risk of filing erroneous, incomplete, or late tax returns.

If you are starting a business, start with Gillams & Jones  

We have saved clients time and money by helping them to properly form their corporation (or Limited Liability Company) right from the start. We can complete the federal and state filings, obtain tax ID numbers and help you set up your accounts so they adequately meet your financial needs. This affords you with sufficient time and energy to focus on the vigorous challenges of starting a new business. Our fees are typically a fraction of what law firms charge for the same services.
We offer you the professional administrative support you need  

  We have experts on staff ready to help you with all of your administrative needs. You only pay for the services you utilize, as you need them. Our services include:
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Word Processing
• Excel
• Mailing Labels
• Newsletter Creation and Distribution
Our secretarial services epitomize Gillams & Jones’ values of efficiency, professionalism and quality customer service which are equal to none in the industry.
We are here to help your small business clients.

  Gillams & Jones wants to be your trusted partner in servicing small businesses.

Small businesses are not all alike and can range in size from a sole proprietorship to a company with 50 or more employees. We understand CPA firms can be equally diverse, and serve individual entrepreneurs as well as Fortune 100 corporations, and every business configuration in between.

Why partner with Gillams & Jones? Your small business clients can benefit from using our basic bookkeeping and accounting services to provide complete and accurate financial information to your accounting firm in a timely fashion. By referring your clients to Gillams & Jones, you provide them a low-cost resource for basic financial services that still allows your firm to take on the more advanced needs that companies have once they have grown. Collaborating with Gillams & Jones allows you to better serve your clients with little to no hindrance or delay.

We would like to meet with you to discuss how our services can complement those provided by your firm to fully meet the needs of your valued customers. Please contact Jane Lockett at (949) 218-0517 to set up a meeting at your convenience.
We are located in San Clemente, California and serve the entire southern California region.
Our corporate headquarters address:

Gillams & Jones
3551 Camino Mira Costa
Suite J
San Clemente, CA 92672

Phone: (949) 218-0517
Fax: (949) 218-0518


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